safety situation (december 2004) ??


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Dec 8, 2004
Hello, I have been a visitor to D.R. since 10 years, and I plan to spend 6 month starting from january, with my family, to try a bit of real life in D.R., and to test some business ideas. We have a house in Jamao al Norte since 5 years. During the past few month, I heard several reports about rising criminal violence on the northcoast, and I am getting nervous about our plan. Maybe it is the wrong time to come now ?

How is this problem seen by the residents, is there any solution to this problem with the heavily armed bandoleros in sight, would it be better not to arrive at this time with kids and family ? I am really worried about what I heard and read. How can I protect myself ? I would really appreciate to get some opinion and advice regarding the safety of foreign residents on the northcoast.

Thanks a lot, wolf


Jul 3, 2002
This place is still safer than many place in the US or virtually all other parts of the Caribbean. I wouldnt worry too much about it but like everywhere else, take precautions and dont make yourself a target.