Salud Bucal Insurance Cost?


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Jan 2, 1999
What is the monthly premium for Salud Bucal Robert?

Salud Bucal is an add-on to your insurance premium.
It's included in my plan so don't know the exact amount,
but I know the add-on cost is peanuts.

My plan covers a bunch of dental service providers here.
I have Plan Max with ARS Humano, RD$16,000 (US$425) per year.

ARS Humano

If you are going to get dental care in the DR, get insurance.
You don't need to be a resident to get local coverage.
Usually they have a 3 month waiting period, so plan ahead.
The cost savings can be substantial.

I have had a lots of dental work here and will finally have the cosmetic stuff finished over the next 2 months. I have saved RD$170,000+ (US$4,500) by having insurance and had my work done at one of the best clinics in the DR. This is on top of the cost savings by having it done in the DR.

On top of the dental I have also had surgery performed at Hospiten (excellent hospital) and saved a fortune.

It's crazy not to have insurance here if you live in the DR.
It's cheap and the coverage is excellent in my opinion.