Samana Airport

Aug 19, 2004
Has anybody caught a flight to the new airport in Samana and then taken a Caribe Tour bus to Santo Domingo?

How straightforward was it?
How much is a taxi to Sanchez?
If we took a taxi to Sanchez would the Caribe Tour bus then go to Santo Domingo via the new road?
Are there any car rental places at the airport.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Sep 16, 2004
I think it's pretty straight forward to get the cab to Sanchez and yes the Caribe Tour bus runs on the new hwy.
Price of a cab to Sanchez ?, sorry can't help there.

Forget a rental from El Catey/Samana airport, just had a guest with a confirmed rental reservation #, confirmed mitsubishi, confirmed contact name & number etc (supposedly) waiting for him at the airport the other morning and he got there, and,,, no car, nobody there, nobody answering the phone, no nada !. He had to pay the taxi to take him to Puerto Plata. Taxi to Sanchez, Caribe Tour to Santo Domingo should be painless. Good Luck !