Santa Fe Rec Complex in Sosua


Oct 6, 2009
It's beautiful but expensive. You have to buy a food/drink package to get in. They don't offer a price just for entry. I believe it's 2500 per person which is applied to your tab. If you're going to drink and eat it's fine. Food is very expensive. It's a Dominican venue, not many expats go. Sundays are packed. Worth seeing.

Northern Coast Diver

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Feb 23, 2020
This place is part of Sosua Ocean Village. As you can see from the photos, it's some nice pools with a restaurant. There is a 2,500RD minimum per adult. Mostly upscale Dominicans as clients.
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JD Jones

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Jan 7, 2016
Not going to lie, it looks like a nice place to visit and/or live.

Places like this are a dime a dozen in Florida. I've stayed in a few and every one was a pleasant experience.

Why buy when you can rent for a week or so?

Oh oh, am I heading towards "You'll own nothing and be happy?"


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Apr 12, 2019
Boca Chica
We spent the afternoon there today and yea, it’s pricey. But as I’ve said before, I really enjoy taking folks who have absolutely no chance of going otherwise. We had a great time. It’s 2500 on weekdays and 3500 on weekends. For 3 of us with propinas and taxis it was 12000 pesos. The food was above average. Surprisingly, they don’t have Presidente. I had something in a can called dueno or draino which bills itself as a pilsner but has no taste.

The waiters were very accommodating making sure we got our money’s worth. I would definitely go back but only with other Haitians or Dominicans.

Also, they don’t take credit cards which I found strange. We had to really scrounge for enough cash
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