santiago taxis vs the captiol taxis

Sep 19, 2005
went to the capitol last tuesday for a baseball to town early afternoon found the stadium, bought my tickets, went to the hotel which is on george washington. Not too muich trouble even with the huge construction hole they have on the big road that goes north and south( i forget the name right now, might be some doctors name), any way even though I got around fine with out getting lost like I did the last 2 times. I decided to take a taxi to the game and then one home again.. we called for a taxi from our hotel. After the ballgame it was a mad house of a traffic jam in the stadium parking lot as well as all the roads around the stadium...sooooo the smart guy I am ..i say let walk out down the road a little to pick up our taxi we dont sit in a taxi for 45 minutes in a traffic jam...sounds good right?

well when you have bought your gf new shoes(high heels) and she wears them for the first isnt such a great idea.. we walked all the way to John F Kennedy!!!! because we couldnt see a taxi...for SURE we would see some there!! right??

not a chance..we stood on the side of the road at a light and waited for close to 30 minutes and 3 taxis went by all full...we didnt want to get on the bus, not knowing the half were packed to the gills.sooooo I say lets walk down to the next, north -south road and maybe we will have better luck looking for a taxi...baaaadddd idea....long walk only produced not so subtle remarks from well dressed female companion about walking in new shoes and making bad decisions on how to get a cab....

we walked almost all the way to that major north south road, that has the construction on it....before a we waved a taxi down....who actually was driving a friend someplace and told him to get out and wait, while he drove us to our hotel. FINALY!!!! about 1 hour and 15 minutes to catch a the biggest city in the DR!!!!!!!!!!..

well dont ya know the guy runs out of gas!!! on the GF is now amused at out delima...she does live in the DR ya know....this kind a life in normal for her ha ha ha.

he says wait here Ill be right back..HE IS DOMINICAN --RIGHT??

how long is right back??......45 minutes is the conversion I figured! ha ha ha

I have to climb a tree to get him a stick to push open the little door down inside the gas filler tube to his car...because the little bottle he has his gas in doesnt reach it to open it. thus his gas spills out down the side of the car!!

I decided to drive to the casino after more taxi hopes to be diminished for me!

In santiago you cant blink without seeing 10 taxis!

what a difference!

I wonder if it is illegal for taxis to pick up peopel on roads like JFK and Ave 27 feb!

well even though the Aguilas lost the game we won at the casino.

since we sat in the front row right against the Aguilas dugout, right in front of the camera....we got on TV a lot. For the rest of the week I had people telling me they saw us at the game on TV . I even saw myself on the next days news on a recap of the game...they show the fans a lot i guess on TV.

we also sat real close to some TV personality. A woman named Angie...I guess she has a comedy type show where they go out in the streets and pull pranks on people...she wears a big bra, is one way to describe her. ha ha ha

so what gives with the taxis in SD??




All I know about the taxis in the capital is when they see my ugly white face they get an immediate "warm and fuzzy" feeling for all the money the think they're going to make.

Next time you're in the capital, you might consider using a carro publico. Since your gf is Dom she probably won't mind. They are all over the place. If you don't know how to get around just have "la que tiene tombao" (re:gf) tell them where you are staying and if their route will take you anywhere close to the place you're staying or another carro route that can get you there.

Also, one thing you might consider since it appears you have a car is buying a map in La Sirena. A couple of things I have noticed abouts Doms - they don't use maps and therefore aren't aware of a lot of "alternate routes". I got around fine on my last trip to the capital and let me tell you the capitalina that with with us was completetly amazed that I got around great and didn't get lost!
Sep 19, 2005
she hates those small buses...and i have maps...maps are only good if you know the name of the street you are looking at in real life...yeah it says JOHN F KENNEDY on the map...but you need a sign some where to tell you the road in front of you IS that road...the capitol is bad like that...the road splits you have a choice...there is no sign saying the name of either direction...even if you knew the name of the road you are on ..its a guess as to which direction the road continues....
Maps are good though they give you a good chance at not getting lost..but they dont tell the whole story, looking at JFK on the map. and all the intersections that cross see one that goes to the stadium and figure you just look for that road when you drive down JFK...well.......little did you know..JFK is a divides highway there with a wall that wont allow a turn at that intersection you saw on the map.....I had to drive a mile down Ave 27 to find a place to make a U turn!!!... the map showed a half dozen spot that looked like i could do that...but in real life...not possible.....then the map doesnt show the road to be a ONE WAY road... so there goes another paln down the tube.....I like asking a motoconcho guy to rive ahead of me to the place i want..and i pay him 50 pesos, and we are both happy.

But this last trip i left left the car at the hotel in the hopes to make life easy ha ha ha ha....

driving in the capitol in the day is way different than in the nightime...if you are quasi sure of how to get around

id still like to know why we didnt see more taxis



Jan 1, 2002
And you forgot your cell phone with the number of the taxi company on it???

Robert you amaze me!!...Lucky you still have a GF!!

At least you had good seats and saw a pretty good game!!

Tonight is important. Either Licey ties it up or the ?guilas take a two game lead!! OOOOOHHHH MY!!

Sep 19, 2005
hillbilly the Hotel called the taxi for me....I figured Id get a good taxi that way...didnt happen.....some taxi came by after about 15 minutes and dropped some guy off.....we said to heck with waiting for that other taxi and asked that guy to drive us......

ps I am gonna try and talk my GF to go with you guys friday.....just keep your eyes on Aftabs hands for me will ya?.....if she can go.

we walked the PUCMM campus this past monday...ate at one of the food courts and talked to a few students.....she was very nervous about going there...why.....because there are so many better looking women walking around!! ha ha ha....simply amazing....



hasta la tambora
Apr 4, 2005

I can not believe you brought sunovia to P.U.C.M.M!
If I were in your shoes, (no pun intended), I would have given her couple a thousand pesos to go shopping for new tennies while you were learning about the intricacies of the Dominican education system.

Sep 19, 2005
tambo, hopefully...the closest you get to being in my me sending you an old pair...ha ha sorry bud...

yeah it may seem a bad thing to be so crazy about one girl when you are in a SCHOOL of them..( pun intended)with all the super hot babes walking by you know there has to be something special about her.....and youd be right

wouldnt trade her for any the 12's I saw this past week....

funny a girl who looked like she just walked off the miss universe stage went by me, while i went into a wide open store front and almost walked right over top of my GF...she had to be 6'2"....and she was smoking as ANY woman you have ever GF just gawked!! ha ha ah