Santiago to provide housing for cancer patients


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Feb 20, 2019

The Jose Maria Cabral y Baez Regional University Hospital and the Faces Dominicana Foundation signed an agreement whereby patients who come from other areas in the Cibao Valley to receive treatment at the hospital will have access to good housing during their stay.

This program will also be available for those who go to the Estrella Ureña University Hospital (former IDSS) and the Dr. Arturo Grullon Children’s Hospital.

Patients will receive food, guidance and human warmth so necessary during cancer treatments. The 72-hour stay is free, but families must fill out forms that are available at the hospitals.

With this program, those with few economic resources now have a place to stay while their loved ones undergo treatment for cancer. The project is located in the Brisol Residential area and can house 40 persons.

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