Santo Domingo just has too many vehicles in circulation

chico bill

May 6, 2016
Actually, the answer is easier than that.

Outlaw Hyundai Sonatas and Kia K5s!

You would rid half the cars off the road overnight. Only idiots and a$$holes drive them!
Throw in the Toyota Hiace mini-buses and you have my vote.


Luck is for the unprepared
Jan 23, 2021
Did anyone see this? I sure hope it helps. Google Translated.

Heavy cargo will be banned from the National District from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.​

  • It is a pilot plan that includes the exemption of heavy duty vehicles from the collection of the ring road toll.
The authorities will soon start a pilot plan that will temporarily prohibit the entry of heavy cargo transport into the National District.

The secretary general of the Mayor's Office of the National District, Hugo Beras, said that the time of the ban will be from 6:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night. In the radio interview, he did not detail the start date of the measure or how long it will be in effect.

Sources close to the negotiation told Diario Libre that the pilot plan will mean that heavy-duty vehicles will use the Santo Domingo ring road without paying the toll. "We are going to ban entry to the city for a while and we are going to leave free of payment for a while. We are waiting for the start date, which will be announced in the coming days," the respondents said.

The project involves the Mayor's Office of the National District, the Ministry of Public Works, Intrant, transporters and entrepreneurs, among others, with the technical support of the Inter-American Development Bank.

For his part, Beras said that only vans that have a special authorization will be able to enter the National District.

The measure will affect between 3,000 to 4,000 heavy-duty vehicles that currently transit through the capital every day.
I wonder how long this will last. Not long ago, the Malecon (Av. George Washington) was off limits to heavy freight traffic. However, the power of the cindicats extends far and measures are short-lived. Politicians succumb to the pressure of threats?