Santo Domingo- Santiago- Puerto Plata


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Apr 24, 2023
Santo Domingo
I just left the DR last week. I was supposed to fly into Santiago but booked Santo Domingo by mistake. But it turned out to be well worth it. Arrived that morning and rented a vehicle and was able to negotiate an upgrade to a 2021 Tahoe. I figured if I'm going to make the drive to Puerto Plata I should be comfortable. And boy, was it a beautiful ride.

My first stop was in Santiago. this drive took about 4 hours, only because I didn't know the routes and kept getting turned around. But seeing the country side was very nice. I picked up my "friend" in Santiago and continued to Puerto Plata. Once in Puerto Plata we enjoyed the crown villas resort. I also went into the city of Puerto Plata and found a few nice cigar lounges. Sat and had a few sticks then went back to the resort. I then dropped my "friend back home and drove back to Santo Domingo. This time it only took around 2 hours.

Back in Santo Domingo, I was looking for a cigar lounge and hotel at the same time lol. and I found them at the same time. I ended up at El Embasador! WOW! This hotel was beautiful. They put me on the ambassador level which include access to the lounge with free finger foods. There was also a Cigar lounge right at the front gate of the property!
Mesón Cienfuegos & Cigar Lounge. very nice place and people.

I had lost my love for DR because of some things that happened, but this trip rekindled that love!