Santo Domingo to Puerta Plata - Safety questions


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Aug 6, 2017
Dominican people as a whole are extremely warm and extremely friendly.

There are bad guys but few and far between in the rural areas.

If you drive take the 3 to the 7 to the 5...a great drive through the mountains. A good driveable toll road.

If you bus well...thats been covered.

Take time to smell the Saman trees[emoji39]


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Oct 18, 2017
What do you mean by stopped in a road block?

And is there a high way that connect both cities? Or you you go on small road from city to city?
I take the DR1 highway from SD towards La Vega and around Santiago. Next, I take DR 5 north towards Altamira and it leads to the Carr. Navarrete Puerto Plata highway. This takes you past Cofresi and Costambar. This is near Puerto Plata proper. The last time that I returned, I used some winding roads until I got to Santiago, and encountered a "road block" when a PN stopped various vehicles. I simply chose to only speak English. I hope that this helps.