Santo Domingo traffic in the spotlight


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Feb 20, 2019

The late director of the Diario Libre, Adriano Miguel Tejada, often dedicated his AM editorial to the chaotic traffic situation. This past week, once again the essence of many stories in Diario Libre and most of the major newspapers focus on traffic jams.

Traffic tie-ups, called “tapes” in the local language and other ther, less printable names during most of the working day by anyone behind the wheel and trying to go someplace, are so commonplace that many drivers just give up on errands.

Currently, there are many good reasons for the traffic jams: Christmas bonus money is on the streets; many families are gathering to celebrate the season, and there are a lot of really bad, discourteous, and careless drivers out there.

Then there are many “Karens” and “Kens” who believe that they can park anywhere, even in one of the lanes on a tight and narrow street.


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