satellite tv basic questions


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Jun 1, 2006
I have just moved here to santo domingo within the last month and I currently have Aster cable serivce - haha. I have been having reception problems which they keep saying that they will be fixing - Dominican time I guess.

Anyway, I am interested in what satellite tv could do for me but I don't know anything about it - what type of equipment, who to call, how much it costs, etc. Any information would be of help since I know nothing about it.


Apr 4, 2002
A little help..

I am sure you will get a flood of good replies.
Let me just say that unless you are prepared to spend a good deal of money, for equipment & installation, then fairly high monthly fees, you may just have to learn to accept the poor cable service.
It is a luxury item, and you have to be prepared to pay luxury prices.
Be prepared for cards going down, before they are supposed to.
Be prepared for the electric company, frying your equipment.
Most people who have sat dishes, also have cable, to give them something to watch when the sat service is down.
PS: If you find one of the cable installers, and make him a private offer to come and fix it, you may get the problem resolved.
I have a guy I call, who works for the cable company, and everytime I need service, he comes, resolves the problem, and leaves 500 pesos richer.


Jan 28, 2004
Rocky said:
, and everytime I need service, (s)he comes, resolves the problem, and leaves 500 pesos richer.

Follow Rocky's axiom for all aspects of living in the DR to achieve happiness in Paradise.;)
Jan 5, 2006
Aster Cable in Santiago sucks! You can try going to their office in person, and that might get them to send a technician sooner, but more than likely you're going to have to take Rocky's advice and pay one of their installers when he's around your neighborhood.


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Jun 7, 2006
well, you can get directv or dish network for us$30/month for a programming including all premium movie channels like hbo, starz, showtime, etc. of course that is the cheapest and most legit way to do it, but of course there is the "no monthly payment" option that includes all premium movie channels, but also, all PPV movies, ppv sports (hockey, nba, mlb), porn, HD programming, and locals from whichever american state you would like. whatever you would like, i can do it for you. more info please email this address:, i am willling to help.