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Mar 5, 2010
Is there satellite TV available on the North Coast, like say, Sosua and surrounding areas? Do you have reliable internet service? One of my kids is looking at going to college online. Thanks
Feb 7, 2007
After the N3 struck last year, most receivers have been down. I-link, Kbox, Conaxsat and Sonicview are up, but with some freezing. There are also some new brands that are working, like Sonysat and Limesat. Nfusion has been down for 3 months and is now working via private server only. All the receivers are able to get only Dish, not Bev.

You can also get a sub to Sky and Claro TV here. Most channels are in English with Spanish subtitles. If you're coming from the US, you can bring your own sub to Dish or Directv.


Jan 12, 2006
Keep in mind that the "free TV" boxes that are currently struggling to provide some programming such as I-link, Kbox, Conaxsat, Sonicview or nFusion private server also require you to have a constant Internet connection.
CoreyH, What does Satellite TV have to do with going to college online?

If he will be renting an apartment/room satellite TV may not be a viable option, dishes are not small in this country like the U.S.

In order to get DISH or DirecTV you may need a six (6) foot satellite dish.
Probably best he stick with Sky which uses a much smaller satellite dish (3ft ?).
I believe Claro TV uses cable.



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Mar 5, 2010
I guess I was asking two questions at once. We as a family are looking to move to the DR. We're going to buy a house so the dish question is for that. The internet question is for doing online college classes. Sorry for the confusion.


May 29, 2004
It's a nice long list of English language channels... if one can receive the English audio. ClaroTV

Do you know if one can get English audio on these? If so, it's the best package I've seen offered here.

51 Fox News Channel Noticias
152 CNN en espa?ol Noticias
153 CNN Intl Noticias
154 BBC Noticias
156 CNN USA (dom?stico) Noticias
190 CNN Headline News Noticias
201 Warner Channel Entretenimiento
204 E! Entertainment Entretenimiento
205 AXN Entretenimiento
206 Fox Life Entretenimiento
207 People and Arts Entretenimiento
208 FX Entretenimient
211 Lifestyle Entretenimiento
213 Hallmark Channel Entretenimiento
216 Space Entretenimiento
217 Film & Arts Entretenimiento
219 Fashion TV Entretenimiento
240 Sci-Fi Channel Entretenimiento
241 BBC Entertaiment Entretenimiento
253 MTV Musicales
254 Vh1 Musicales
302 Fox Sports Deportes
303 Espn Deportes
304 Espn2 Deportes
305 GolTV Deportes
316 The Golf Channel Deportes
401 Discovery Kids Infantiles
402 Disney Infantiles
403 Disney XD Infantiles
404 Nickelodeon Infantiles
405 Cartoon Network Infantiles
430 BabyTV Infantiles
432 Play House Disney Infantiles
451 Biography Channel Cultura
452 History Channel Cultura
453 Animal Planet Cultura
454 National Geographic Cultura
456 Gourmet Channel Cultura
458 Discovery Channel Cultura
459 Discovery Home & Health Cultura
460 Dicovery Travel & Living Cultura
475 Discovery Turbo Cultura
476 Discovery Civilization Cultura
477 Discovery Science Cultura
501 ABC Intl
502 NBC Intl
503 CBS Intl
551 TNT Peliculas
553 TCM Peliculas
554 MGM Peliculas
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May 29, 2004
While you're at it... the page indicates the basic plan is by satellite, but the advanced and superior are 'por IP' ClaroTV

Es un servicio de televisi?n digital por IP, que te ofrece la mejor y m?s personalizada experiencia a trav?s de la televisi?n, a trav?s de funcionalidades ?nicas en el mercado.

If so, I wonder if available in Cabarete. Probably not :ermm: