chico bill

Dogs Better than People
May 6, 2016
I get about 3 email scams a week. I probably get at least 8 phone call scams a week as well(when in Canada). I actually like those. It is so much fun to get a rookie scammer and make him want to cry. You can always tell the rookies as they won't hang up when you star telling them about the vile things their family members are performing on you.

My best one was when they where going to call the police on me. Really, is that a win or what.
Yeah I remember the IRS scam. Call them immediately or the police will be called to your house.
You called the number it was some Indian (from India) who could barely speak English claiming to be an IRS agent.

I had a friend who bought a Dell Desktop and Dell recommended a security company, based in India, who would monitor the computer for malware or suspicious activity.
Turns out he was paying them $59/year and they were watching everything he did.
Suddenly one day when I was at his house we saw his computer (on it's own) accessing his bank account and we could not take local control.
He said WTF ?
I unplugged the machine.
We rebooted without the internet Cat 5 cable, uninstalled the Indian company's security software, then changed all his passwords. He got to it just in time before they wreaked real havoc on him. After they no longer had access they called on his cell to tell him they had 'monitored' some suspicious activity but could no longer monitor his computer. And he told them he knew it was them and he was reporting them.
Dell gave him a refund for the service.

Never give anyone remote access to your computer - not even Microsoft.

A couple other program's for you to look at are "Key Scrambler" so your key strokes can't be monitored and Roboform Everywhere - a password program that syncs across all your computers and cellphone and you never enter your passwords, just a master password that times out after browser inactivity or you close your browser.