Scattered showers, Sahara dust and lots of heat


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Feb 20, 2019

A passing trough and Sahara dust clouds are affecting the weather in the Dominican Republic. There have been scattered showers, thunderstorms and wind gusts over the northeast, southeast (including Greater Santo Domingo), southwest and the Central Mountain Range. Hazy skies are forecast for the rest of the week as the new clouds of Sahara dust head our way.

There is a report of a wind gust in central Santo Domingo that caused a tree to fall on a vehicle. The vehicle was totaled. The driver was rescued.

The National Weather Office (Onamet) says that the trough is moving westward over Dominican territory and will bring local downpours to the northeast, southeast, Central Mountain Range and the border area, mainly in the afternoon through evening on Wednesday, 3 August 2022.

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