scheduled list appointments


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Oct 24, 2004
Anyone know why the list still has September on it and not November. I don't what to have to travel to Dahabon to the bank to pay for a pin # just to ask that question of the consulate.

There was a forum recently dealing with the poor service at the consolate, this is from thier bid contract.

B. Standards of Conduct. The Service Provider shall maintain satisfactory standards of employee attitude, competency, conduct, cleanliness, appearance and integrity and shall take disciplinaryaction with respect to employees as may be necessary. Each Service Provider employee shall
adhere to standards of conduct that reflect credit on themselves, their employer and the AmericanEmbassy. Service Provider employees must use politeness and courtesy when dealing withEmbassy personnel and clientele. The Government may direct the Service Provider to remove an
employee for failure to comply with the standards of conduct.