SDQ to Las Terrenas


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Sep 13, 2005
Hello All,

My family(2 adults and a baby) and I are arriving in SDQ and will be travelling to Las Terrenas. We arrive in SDQ at 1:00 on a Mon ,headed straight for LT and I was wondering if someone could give me detailed directions to get from the Airport in SDQ to Las Terrenas. We are currently planning on renting a car and driving there and are planning on having the rental car for a month. How much is Taxi with this increasing cost of fuel? Does anyone advise against the driving that late in the afternoon? Thanks for any input on this!



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Sep 9, 2005

I will try to guide you to go to Las Terrenas from SDQ.

1. You should go to Santo Domingo City using off course Las Americas Highway. After you arrive to the city, you will haveacross the Ozama river on a bridge.

After you across the bridge you will take the 27 de Febrero Ave. It is the continuation of Las Americas Highway. After you have runned about 15 km in this avenue straigh ahead all time. You will see a large dominican flag in a place. Then, you will turn to your right and take the Luperon Ave. Go ahead in this avenue until you see a bridge. In this point you will take the Duarte Highway. It is in the northwest of the city.

2. Go ahead all time in the Duarte Highway to go to the north of the island. Some kilometers after you pass the city of Bonao. there is an exit to San Francisco de Macoris. So you take this exit and go to this city. In San Francisco you should get the exit to Nagua. There are some advertisment to get this exit.

3. Once you go to Nagua you will across some comunities on the road. When you arrive to Nagua there is a triangle in the road. You will go to the right and leave this city.

4. After you have passed Nagua you will have to go to Sanchez. After you leave Sanchez in the way to Samana, there is a gas station to your left. After this station there is an entrance to Las Terrenas. You will have to across some mountains to arrive there. Be carefull with this road there are many precipices.

There is another shorter way but most complicated. Also there is a new road under construction with a direct way from Las Americas Highway to Sanchez. But maybe it will be ready in 2 years.

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Mar 18, 2002
I agree with Badpiece. The worst part of the journey is the last part - from San Francisco de Macor?s to Las Terrenas and you surely don't want to drive it after dark. If you were to arrive at SDQ in the morning, I would say to go for it. But since you are arriving in the afternoon I would suggest driving part of the way on that afternoon, then get a hotel room for a good night's rest and continue on your way the next morning.

If it were my choice, I would drive as far as San Francisco de Macor?s on day 1 and finish the trip the next day. There is a good hotel in SFM with clean rooms, decent food, and a nice pool at about $50 per night and most of the staff speaks some English. If you wish you may PM me for phone numbers and other details about the hotel or travel questions.

A note: As Eddyx stated, you head north out of Santo Domingo on the Autopista Duarte. It is designated route 1.

Have a great trip! :)