Sea Horse Ranch ? My Experience!


Stay Frosty!
Jan 2, 1999
Recently over a long weekend, I had the opportunity to stay at Sea Horse Ranch for 3 days.

Sea Horse Ranch is a gated community on the North coast between Sosua and Cabarete. In my opinion, this is by far the best gated community in the Dominican Republic. I have seen a few, and none come close to the security, luxury, surroundings, facilities and homes that Sea Horse Ranch offers.

My Experience?

I arrived late Friday evening. I picked up a welcome package, including keys and info at the front security gate. Once they verified who I was, it was about a 1km drive to my new temporary home in paradise, Villa #86.

I was pleasantly surprised to see they had left the lights on, anticipating my night time arrival, this made life easy. I parked the car, opened the front door and smiled. This is going to be a fun few days!

It?s now 10pm and I?m hungry and thirsty. The last thing I wanted to do was go out again and find food. Maybe the fridge has some water in it? Not only did it have water, it had juice, soft drinks, bread, beer, fruit, eggs, butter, coffee, etc. This made me very happy!

Next task was finding a room to sleep in. The villa has 4 bedrooms, two large ones upstairs and two guest style rooms downstairs. Well, being the boss of the house for a few days, I?ll take the biggest one. Nice bedroom, with a very large on-suite bathroom and Jacuzzi, walk in closet, air-con etc.

The next day:
I woke up about 9am and dragged myself downstairs in my underpants (not a pretty sight) to make coffee. As I entered the kitchen, I found somebody had beaten me to the coffee making, I forgot the place comes with staff to take care of you. After a few niceties, I retreated to the upstairs bedroom and put on some clothes and make myself look a little more human. Back down stairs and breakfast is waiting for me outside near the pool. This is going to be a hard few days!

It?s now daylight, so I get my first chance to have a good look at the grounds of #86. Very nice, lots of fauna, grass and palms, all very well kept. The swimming pool in crystal clear, nice size and very inviting.

I won?t go into any more details about the Villa, the link below does a good job of showing it off,
Let?s just say it was VERY nice and I could get used to living in #86 :)

Taking a look around:
Sea Horse Ranch has some exceptional homes. A few easily creep into the million dollar plus bracket.
The community is very well kept, feels very safe and has a nice feel about it. They have a beach, tennis and riding club, all built and run to the same standards as the rest of Sea Horse Ranch.

The rest of the stay:
Not really much to add. It started well, was good in the middle and ended well. Scott, AZB and a few friends from Santiago came for a pool party one afternoon and we had a blast.

I think what I wrote above pretty much sums up my experience and what I think of Sea Horse Ranch. Outstanding!
I never locked the Villa once, it seemed kind of odd locking the doors. I haven?t had that feeling since I stayed in a small outback community in Australia.

For more information, either check out their website at or speak directly to Lisa Kirkman on (809) 571 3880.