Searching for coursage maker (or similar)


New member
Aug 31, 2005

As before (i.e. previous post looking for bar glasses), I live in Constanza where just about nothing is available! I?m still looking for things so as to open a new tourist bar.

Does anyone know where (presumably in Santo Domingo) I can find a maker of coursages. (I assume people know what a coursage is but in case not, it?s a flower or group of flowers, natural or artificial, that a woman can pin to her blouse or dress on important occassions such as a graduation dance or wedding).

I need several coursages made from artificial flowers. The coursages are to be part of a uniform They need to be flamboyant (colourfull and showy), large enough to make an impact but not so large as to lokk ridiculous or get in the way! Each coursage must be different.

If anyone can recommend a company, shop or individual (in all cases, I?ll need to ask them if they?ve done this before), please provide me with contact details such as name and telephone number.

Many thanks.