Security cameras


Nov 20, 2013
my security is alot e z er. im going with a 5 ft upright board fence almost 9 inches off the ground. with deterrents on climbing...wire from post to post.. and 4-6 securty lights...cameras at entrance.. and im looking for a dog... in my hood it will not be ez for someone to come at me from the front yard...rear is protected on both sides... i want to do the drive and side yard but im letting a portion of house for parking....


Oct 4, 2013
All those electronic gadgets won't avoid a break-in.

The police could not care less about your cameras' footage and alarms going off just means they have a lot of time until PN shows up.

Watchmen are known to sell information gathered about you to criminals or are even members of the gang.

Bars on doors and windows delay a determined burglar not more than a few minutes.

Nowadays, the only way your house has sufficient protection is not to leave it without somebody around (a family member with a pumpgun or very trustful workers).

Dogs help, but can be poisened. When they are, expect bad things to happen in the following days...


Exactly. All that good money spent for the "false fuzzy feeling of security".


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Mar 13, 2012
Exactly. Sometimes I go out and my man stays home. Sometimes he goes out and I stay home or we both go out. Or I go back to Canada and my man stays in the house but not 24 hours per day. Either way I tip the Security people at the gate to keep an eye out. They can't be everywhere all the time. Whatever way you look at it I think there is no way to ensure total security just minimize the risk with all the alarms, lights, sounds, cameras and dogs to scare them off sufficiently so they go somewhere else.