Security guard admits to taking RD$1.6 million in election money


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Feb 20, 2019

The security guard of the Santiago Electoral Board, Joel Antonio Duran, reportedly confessed he left work with RD$1.6 million in his backpack. The money was packaged for distribution to voting stations in the province. A police investigation led to Durán. who would be arrested in Monción, Santiago Rodríguez. Others accused in the case are sergeant Juan Carlos Fortuna and corporals Jorge Luis Peña Rossó and Starlin Rosario of the Army. These have denied their participation in the theft.

They were the security for the cash on the evening of the robbery. He said he stole the money because he was pressed to pay several loans. He said he removed the funds in small packages in his lunchbox. The Police found the envelopes with the pay for the election staff and this led to incriminating the security guard’s wife in the robbery.

Earlier it had been reported the...
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