Seeking volunteer choir leader


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Oct 12, 2005
We have a charity school that works to keep Dominican and Haitian little people off the streets and out of the hands of those who would use them. We are in year three of operations in Sosua Bajo.

We began with 28 kids, then grew to 35 kids and now have 67 students.

When I first came to the school the children would always stand up when I arrived (or anyone arrived for that matter) and sing a welcome jingle. Except they were not singing at all, they were yelling and it was horrible. So I sat them down and sang Amazing Grace, to show them what singing should sound like. The teachers and I then sang in rounds with Frere Jacques to show them how much fun singing can be. Next we made each of them sing a verse of the school songs which was a great experiencing hearing who was talented and who did not even know the words. That was a wake up call for the teachers. Since that day the teachers have been leading them in learning to sing, separating into groups and singing in rounds. The group always sings for guests because that is all they have to give back, and we insist that they give every time they get.

Now with a group of 67 voices, we are poised to form into a serious choir so that the children can participate in public performances perhaps someday leading to foreign travel opportunities for the best of them.

This task will be easier for someone who speaks FRENCH (or has a friend who speaks French and can come along) but still do-able for anyone else as music is indeed its own language.

This volunteer position is at your own leisure. For a while, once in a while all the way to three times per week, what ever works for you. Only to say that we would like someone who will come more than once as its quite a lot of work to organize this many voices. But if you have only ONE really cool singing thing you can teach us....we'll take it too!

You can contact me, Deborah through this ad and visit our FACEBOOK page and comment and post at Sugar Kids Educational Charity Project (Public Group) LINK is here