Self Parking Car Not Available in DR Yet


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Oct 5, 2010



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Feb 3, 2009
That was funny as kucf. He just stood there with a car accelerating towards him, hands in pockets as if the car would bounce off him supermanesq. lol, love it!


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Sep 27, 2006
That video was filmed in the DR, wasn't it?
dead at youtube comment: Tecnolog?a en manos de monos... Pan y circo.

and an explanation of what happened:
The thing is both the people testing the car, and the person posting this video have stupidity levels beyond the charts. 1) They were testing pedestrian detection automated braking (City Safety).... Not automatic parking... hence driving at people and not being near a parking spot 2) That car did not have technology package in it which enables pedestrian detection, you can see its missing the radar which should be visible in the grill of the car but its not there, so no there is no pedestrian detention. Only vehicle detection comes standard in Volvos, you need a technology package to enable the pedestrian detection which was missing from that particular vehicle.
As for the source relating to "forgot to turn City Safety on". That is highly unlikely considering City Safety is ALWAYS turned on automatically. If you purposely disable it, it will automatically turn back up when you restart the car... The problem they experienced was not a problem at all, simply the car did not have pedestrian detection equipped lol!
As for the testing the "Self-Parking". Self-Parking is only available on a S60/V60 and the new 2016 XC90 Models. The model we are looking at is the XC60 which does not have self-parking...


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dumb and dumber.
funny to watch, tho, lol.
self parking with person detection??
in the DR the Nutheads would use such technology to let their car self park on the school yard in the middle of all the Kiddies.
no thanks, leave 'em with the old computerless Civics and Accords and Camry's, they are sufficient of difficult computer technology to handle down here.



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Jul 9, 2010

Self Parking? Are you kidding me? Dominicans first need to know what forward and back, left and right are. How about using a directional signal or brake lights that work. Come on man!