SENASA and TSS don't accept payment for January?


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Jul 4, 2013
Can someone explain to me in clear English language what is going on? Please?

We have a plan Familiar with Sernasa Contributivo and Maximo as plan Complementario.

I just got today a cryptic (to me) message from my broker which said something about TSS not accepting payment this month for the plan Basico (familiar) and the broker will reimburse us this month premium. He continues with everything should be fine in February if we pay the month + 1 month of deposit, plus a Declaracion jurada de Ingresos which cost 1,000 pesos - what is that?

It seems to me that the broker having accepted payment on Dec 24/23 for the month of Jan /24, he can't come to us on Jan 9 with a letter dated Jan 5/24 that says sorry you dont have insurance this month because your payment is not accepted but it will be if you pay again in Feb. Apparently this is the case for everyone that has a plan through TSS. And what is TSS anyway???

Please help - I have medical consultations to do this month!

Thank you