Should Santo Domingo Este have name change?

Should Santo Domingo Este have a name change?

  • Yes

  • Yes, but at another time.

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Jan 20, 2003
Several articles were recently published in various newspapers about the current mayor of Santo Domingo Este (SDE) Manuel Jiménez intention to change the name of SDE. His proposal is to change it to La Trinitaria in honor of the secret society that brought to reality the independence of the Dominican Republic. Courrently, SDE is the capital of Santo Domingo province and with a population around 1 million is one of the most populated municipalities in the country. It's part of the Greater Santo Domingo (Gran Santo Domingo).

Do you agree that Santo Domingo Este should have a name change?

In case you do, is La Trinitaria appropiate or you think a different name is better? What is it?



Sep 2, 2008
No. People here just don't adopt new names for places and facilities and just keep flowing with the old ones out of habit. The most glaring example being the airport here in the capi. Even though the perredeistas changed its name to "Peña Gómez", people just go with Las Américas as before.


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Feb 16, 2016
I think they should stand pat.
It is descriptive.
Contrary to what people have written before...
People know the name of where they live.
It would take a generation before anyone referred to it as anything other than Santo Domingo Este.