Sirius & SiriusXM

william webster

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Jan 16, 2009
If you have followed the 'Buying A Car ' thread....

Here's the scoop - poop.

I had a Sirius Stratus 6 in my old car... worked well.
External unit... antenna.. clipped onto the dashboard.

New car... I went 'moderno'... internal hookup...
New receiver.. rear camera view... SiriusXM ready (note the XM part)

Couldn't get it to connect for feces.

51 minutes this afternoon with Sirius and they decide that only the Siruis platform...
not SiriusXM will work here...

I stay on - hook up the old unit.. it asks to go to 87.5FM... voila!!
Music !!

I'm almost hooked & then on come the 5th Dimension

Wedding Bell Blues...
Bill, won't ya marry me , Bill

Know how many old girlfriends played that as song #2 at their wedding ????
Just guess !!!!
Humor here people... humour

Any way
Happy to have the 60's on 6 back , LOVE, Sinatra... et al

They gave me a deal - $5/mo for 6 months - then the the std $14-15.
Sucker that I am-- I'm back in the fold.

Channels change on the external device - as before.

Not so bad, and my original installer did all the other changes.
No extra cost !!

BIGGEST TICK_OFF is that unit I sent back in January --
A refurbished Kenwood / JVC for $200 was not defective (most likely)

New unit - Dominican ordered - was $300+ and then 40% aduana.

Seeing that, I put my man onto Awilda/mudanza who confirmed an import cost of about 1/2 that
Instead of whatever-Pak.... courier service

Life goes on.... slowly, ploddingly....inexorably

Life in the DR...


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Nov 2, 2006
Here's the difference.

This is the Sirius footprint

And this is the XM footprint

I investigated this extensively when trying to get my Toyota Highlander Sat radio to work.  My car has an XM receiver installed.  Even though they are both now the same company as far as subscription is concerned, they still have different coverage.

The Sirius footprint covers the DR, XM doesn't.  They are two different satellites.

william webster

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Jan 16, 2009
Exactly what I was told today

Our friend (post #2) lives in Erieau.... he gets both
as do I when in N America

a difference....


May 7, 2016
If you happen to cancel Sirius radio unplug antenna and don’t plug it in for atleast three months you will pleasantly be surprised..

william webster

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Jan 16, 2009
To show how sensitive it is....

when I go 10 miles or so RSJ..... no signal.... clear skies, no trees

most of the island gets a good signal

william webster

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Jan 16, 2009
OK... more data...after too many calls to SiriusXM... helpful but each has a different knowledge level

I finally get the straight goods on coverage... SIRIUS platform only

I had the Stratus 6 - and have reactivated fine.

They have new deal...
they GIVE you anew Stratus 7 when you sign up for a package

Easy to install yourself

They are giving me one

just the upgrade from my Stratus 6 but it offers a home package.It will work in the car and transfer to the house
Pay extra for that kit -about $50

Also will stream to any device in the house... Smart TV, wireless speakers
Full audio where you ask for it

Not bad and it serves the DR

As JD points out - connections from RD are blocked.. so get creative