Site searching, pto plata, costambar etc.


Feb 3, 2009
I'm in need of help rather quick. I'm in a hotel at the moment and need to be moved out by wednesday. I'm trying to find an appartment around the costambar or pto plata area as I will be working in the local area. Unfortunately I'm having not luck, I visited a certain agent in Pto plata and they really were seriously overpriced and the properties were run down and not worth half the money they came up for, the pictures told a few fibs in other words.
I am looking for the cheaper end of the market, long term/short term, I'mreally not that bothered right now as hopefully other opportunities will arise as I get settled into living and working here.
If anyone has any contacts or leads where I may get a result I would very much appreciate it.

Kind regards,