So, I was wrong.........

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Jan 12, 2006
So I was wrong?...

"About the blackout that never happened in my area."

The information I posted was told to me in English not Spanish so I had no translation problem at that point.

The post was correct in that it WAS what the Dominicans in the area believed.
The post was wrong because the announcement was misunderstood by the Dominicans.

The thread could very easily had been corrected with an early post by a well known poster, but of course, they are not required to post on DR1 as was so proudly pointed out.

They chose, in their own words, to wait and see. Then posting what they knew 2 days later.
In a later post they posted a justification for the timing of their post when questioned about it.

I would have thanked the poster for making the correction and setting it straight.
I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong.

Now I see some posters are upset that the thread was closed and they did not get a chance to join the Indians circling the wagons, even a moderator wanted to re-open the thread.
A thread that was totally obsolete by that time.

Counting this one, there are at least 4 threads in reference to this.
The DR survived Trujillo, can it survive the thirst of the cutthroats of DR1?

All I say is??.

Move on, I have!

There is life beyond your keyboard, it may not always be what you want, but it is a ?real? adventure. Now excuse me while I return to the real Dominican Republic, not just the tourist areas, and experience it.

I kept this post in "Black and White" so more people could understand it, but I doubt they will!
I made my apology for the information I posted believed by the Dominicans.

No further replies will be made by me on this topic ? so bitch until your heart is content, if that is possible.



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Dec 9, 2002
Don, is this really necessary? You and others have had your say and the thread raised at least one interesting point.

I would like to hope that most people can see both sides of the issue and that like you, they have moved on.

Thread closed.
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