Some Cognac Questions


Feb 11, 2005
Hello All,

Recently, I no longer needed to take medications that prevented me from drinking alcohol for 30 years! Yay! To celebrate I ordered a pewter flask made in Sheffield, England.
I really like the Cognacs and would like to find a small bottle of Remy Martin XO. But that appears to be a "no go." La Sirena has a bottle of VSOP for RD$ 4,000 and Mercado Nacional for RD$ 5,000.

a. First question: My take is that there are no specialty liquor stores in this country. It's what you see: colmados, La Sirena, etc. So is there a best place in Sto. Dom. to buy liquors, specifically Cognacs?
b. How about shipping from the U.S. Is that doable? Any taxation even if less than $200.00.
c. And then there's the fear that I'm going to buy a fake bottle with real methyl alcohol (e.g. blind and dead).
d. I will fly to Berlin in August. Maybe I should buy something at the airport?

Thank you! Prost! Cheers!
Suggest you visit El Catador....they stock exquisite cognacs.... The Remy Martin XO is $14,500 pesos

JD Jones

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Jan 7, 2016
I actually went to JUMBO today to check prices. I remembered a few things I needed that I can't get at Sirena so I grabbed those things and made it half way home before I remembered what I went for. LOL

bob saunders

Jan 1, 2002
Four different cognacs in the local supermarket in Jarabacoa. Courvoisier, Remy Martin, Henessy white, Henessy vsop.


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Jun 13, 2014
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I will be very surprised if they do not have good Cognac..........
Yesterday I did go to Club Arturo Fuente. I was expecting 2 or 3 Cognacs at most. Wow! In the liquor menu section titled Cognac/Amanac/Brandy there were 14! Grab a snifter of Remy Martin Louis XIII for RD$ 134,500. On your way in, grab an Arturo Fuente gas lighter for RD$45,000. You've now spent around RD$ 200,000 and you've still to buy your cigars and food. I'm still finding my way with Cognacs. I have now compared Remy Martin with Hennessey VSOP. I prefer the Remy Martin. I find it sweeter and smoother. The Club has Remy Martin XO for RD$ 1750, so sometime I'll try that to find out if investing in a bottle is really worth it or not. Hennessey VSOP costs 560 and Remy Martin 500. I don't remember the brand but they had a VS for 350. Wow! You've got a wide range of samples right here, I'm sure more than you will find in many places in the U.S. The liquor menu consists of 4 large fairly small print pages. The wine selection is very weak compared to what it could be. BTW, at La Sirena/Duarte a new bottle of Hennessey showed up for RD$ 3,300.00. It is VS. Interesting!
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