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Jan 1, 2002
Good Morning, Dominican Republic (Ode to Robin Williams, whom I loved dearly)

First off, the old Hillbilly Hovel is no more. We are now out in the countryside in a gated community.Information upon request by PM.

Next item on the list is that my two wonderful women, one of whom has worked with me, my first wife until the day she passed away, and now a couple of years with my wife, and the other who has worked on and off with us over the years. Both are quite good at what they do. If you are in the Santiago area and can use some help, let me know. I paid each of them eight thousand and found (food and other stuff of course).

Next, some good news for baseball fans.
I now "have a guy" who has eight great tickets for all the games. Prices vary with the visiting team: Licey is most expensive. He has four seats together, two sets of two seats together. These are in the Palco A and Palco Especial sections of the Estadio Cibao. On the third base side, behind the visiting team dugout. The Palco especiales (2) are the front row seats. These are available if you call me at least 48 hours ahead of time (PM me for the number).

The next bit of good nes is for pet owners (dogs and cats). There will be a special operation held at the Hacienda Urbana here in Santiago. It is located on the Autopista Duarte, at the corner of the entrance to the ZEUS Motel, going from South to North. The fence is covered with animal posters. All dogs and cats will be speyed or neutered for RD$1500!! No questions asked. This will be on the 9th and 10th of December (Sat and Sunday)....

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Campesino !! :)
Jan 12, 2013
I was thinking of having one of my dogs neutered, hoping to get rid of a "mean streak" he has develloped........ well no, OK, he was born that way :/

Not sure its worth the risks though.