Somos Pueblo to Carlos Pimentel: Act now


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Feb 20, 2019
José Miguel González Cuadra / Somos Pueblo

Somos Pueblo, the muckraking social media news commentary program, is asking for Carlos Pimentel, of the Procurement Agency (DGCP) to take action regarding the violation of Law 34-06 on behalf of the president of the Centro Cuesta Nacional, Jose Miguel Gonzalez Cuadra. Gonzalez Cuadra is the director of the Presidency division that has undertaken major projects for reform in city barrios. The entity was known as the Unidad Ejecutora para la Readecuación de La Barquita y Entornos (URBE) during the Danilo Medina administration and now, reportedly its name has been changed to Unidad Ejecutora para la Readecuación de Barrios.

Somos Pueblo explained after working with the La Barquita project in Santo Domingo, the entity is now focused on Santiago barrio and transit transformation works.

Gonzalez Cuadra is known to be...

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