Sosúa Beach "Renovation"

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Apr 1, 2014
It is not a matter of morals or appearances...It is a long term money grab, pure and simple.
Not sticking out my chest, just being myself aka the Cheeky Caucasian
from birth. Had no idea you were so sensitive but if you don't like my response
then I suggest you tone it down rather than
trying to confuse people by spewing nonsense saying things like
"Nobody really gives a @#$% that one or two posters here on DR1 do
not like to visit Sosua."

There's a reason when I decide to take a weekend vacation and spend my
hard earned cash, I'm not doing it Sosua which has always been a sunny
place for shady people arriving from other countries.
I hope they do clean it up and when they do I will definitely spend more
time up there.

Good riddance.
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