Sosúa Beach Renovations


Jun 17, 2005
It won’t take them more then two weeks to clear the beach and open it up again …Dominicans resilience to selling you something will always prevail it’s always about the peso that will never change.
So they are going to have the plazas built in 2 weeks?
I have a feeling they won't even have the debris cleared until December. Imagine making your plans for the winter, you get there and there is a pile of cinder blocks and wood where you used to get your drinks.
Police guarding to make sure the vendors don't try to rebuild or cause trouble. People crapping and peeing in behind as there are no toilets.
Take a look at that hole in the ground across the street for the speed of things.
I could be totally wrong here, I hope I am wrong but I have yet to be shown any differently. Who knows, there is a first for everything.


Oct 29, 2010
Hmmm. I was told yesterday that it was all going to start at 7a.m. today. Maybe they're just doing the park at the Los Charamicos end then if the beach is now open as usual?


Oct 6, 2009
They had all summer. People were prepared for this to start after Easterish. Imagine having plans to come for the winter and they do this? I sometimes think they don't understand tourism and how it works. I am changing my plans for the winter.
The city always does this to the businesses. Remember when they started redoing the sidewalks on Pedro Clisante in 2014? The started ripping them apart in November and it lasted 2 months. Bunch of idiots.

La Profe_1

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Oct 15, 2003
Excuse me if this sounds stupid, but starting in November might make sense if they are trying to avoid heavy construction work during the really hot months.
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Feb 15, 2006
It is happening everywhere. They cleared all the shacks off Playa El Valle. Now if you want food, they bring it in from the villages a few hundred feet back. They are also cleaning up Playa Grande in Las Galeras. When it is finished you will have some nice clean shops and modern bathrooms. I am not sure why people want the status quo. When you arrive at some of these beaches like Sosua, a tourist needs to run the gauntlet of aggressive vendors, gordas, the smell of urine, zero organization or planning, bad bathrooms, and then finally you get to the beach and the ocean. Sometimes change is good.
Playa grande was done years ago to accomodate the big hotel/private golf course


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Jan 20, 2003
Posted today in David Collado's Twitter account. He is the Minister of Tourism.

"Without prostitution (tourism) and abuse towards children in our country. This is the Sosúa beach that we are creating!"

The Dominican government doesn't want the mongers and is actively beginning to destroy the sex tourism industry that foreigners have created in certain parts of the DR.
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