Sosua News Report On Jazz Festival


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Jan 1, 2002
Friday 1 November the Jazz Festival continued in the amphibian theater of the Casa Marina Beach Resort. The Thursday before the festival started on the Town Hall Square (Parque Independencia) in Puerto Plata. Unfortunately it rained very hard the last few days so an outdoor concert was impossible. At the last moment it was decided to do the Festival at Casa Marina Beach instead of Parque Mirador, where the spectators would be sitting in the pouring rain. The festival opened with a speech by mayor Ilana Neumann. She recalled that the festival has been held 17 times and that Sos?a participated 9 times. She also indicated that Sos?a itself is developing as a cultural center bringing up the example of the opening of a culture

house (Casa de Arte) on Wednesday, November 13th (so not on 6 November, as previously announced). After this she presented 16 students (of 24 total) to the public that are now studying to play the violin. This violin lessons will resume at Casa de Arte. Then the festival began with a musical performance by Andr?s Miguel Tejada & Blue Bolero. They played boleros in a jazzy way. One of the most famous melodies they played was: 'Besame mucho'. Grupo Richie Flores from Puerto Rico then closed the successful concert with songs like 'Elena', 'Latin Lover' and 'La vida te da te quita y te da'. Outside it was raining, inside there were hundreds of jazz lovers who often came from far but enjoyed the beautiful jazz music.