Sound absorbers

As with most houses here, we have cement walls and ceilings and ceramic tile floors. Add in that the ceilings are high for airflow, the acoustics in our house are terrible!! The TV has to be blaring. You can't hear the person speaking across the table. And if you drop something or even while you are stacking dishes, the sound is multiplied and amplified. What a racket!!

No, I don't want to put down rugs or heavy curtains (what's the point of living in Paradise if you can't look out the windows to see it?!😘)

Any suggestions or things that have worked for you?



Aug 23, 2012
You've ruled out the easiest ways to baffle the sound. You can use curtains and keep them pulled to the side so you can still look out. You can also put paintings on the wall, the canvas will help. Or go old school and put tapestries up.


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Jun 3, 2005
The best thing to do is add a few sound panels to stop the bouncing of sound waves.
Look on youtube for diy sound absorption. Basically , you will need to build a frame safe 2ft x 4ft out of light lumber, (1x3,1x4)fill with insulatio, then cover in fabric. You can build 2 for a big room and hang or attach to the wall/corner or free stand with legs.
This will stop the bounce.


Jan 18, 2008
We moved the tv to a smaller room and now have a den instead of third bedroom. We have 3 wall hangings (made out of 54 inch width material). One on one wall and 2 side by side on the longer wall. Very easy to put up. The other 2 walls have windows.

Not only is the room much smaller than the living room but the ceiling is lower although vaulted. The sound quality is much much better and we are able to hear the tv without it blaring and echoing. It is cozy in the den and I do like a living room without a tv.