Spotlight on Congress: Is it too expensive?


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Feb 20, 2019
Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos demandan agendar conocimiento del proyecto de Ley que modifica el régimen penitenciario por parte de Congreso.
Manuel María Mercedes, presidente de los Derechos Humanos
Foto: © Edgar Hernández

People are having a hard time agreeing with the cost/benefit analysis politicians have defended for years. Politicians argue democracy is expensive but worth it. Over the years, legislators have ensured they are of the best paid in government. Despite the Constitution reading that no one can rule in their own benefit, the opposite has happened over the years, especially over the 16 consecutive years of Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) governments.

As a consequence, the Dominican Republic has one of the most costly legislative branches in Latin America. Only Brazil, Argentina and Mexico spend proportionately more on their...

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Apr 12, 2019
For those crooks politicians, (oh wait, I was right the first time), there needs to be an accounting to the last peso for those that choose not to forego their little barrell. They need to be held up in ridicule if they spend it on themselves.
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