Standardized tests will be easier


Dec 12, 2009
Well, my youngest son is married to a Chinese girl, so I have picked up a bit about Asian culture, plus my first serious girlfriend was Japanese.
It might be more than Culture , might be in their DNA ..
Ever notice that ADOPTED Asian Children also do extremely well..
They just need a secure Home, and Parents who care and they take it from there .
A close by neighbor adopted an Asian girl ,when she was very young .. was literally given away by her parents , Cambodia I think
She had absolutely no time to experience any Asian Culture . and does not know her Birth Parents at all..
This Young lady is so classy , extremely smart , dedicated , studies Music as well as her Field at College .
But you might be right , if Adopted and raised in the DR , maybe she would be hanging out at the Calamado , but I doubt it .
It appears to be Genetic. Just look at the Global IQ Map ... it says a lot .