State prosecutors to ask Brazilians to testify in Odebrecht trial here


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Feb 20, 2019

State prosecutors say they will be presenting evidence against the six incriminated in the US$92 million Odebrecht bribery case starting on Thursday, 3 December 2020. The public prosecutors say they have some 1,700 pieces of evidence against the six already accused in the corruption case concerning bribes paid by the Brazilian construction company to win government contracting in the Dominican Republic.

The prosecutors maintain that defendants Ángel Rondón Rijo, Víctor Díaz Rúa, Conrado Pittaluga Arzeno, Andrés Bautista García, Tommy Galán and Roberto Rodríguez, increased their family assets in the period from 2002 to 2017, as a result of illegal activities in collusion with the Brazilian multinational.

The group is accused of committing the crimes of bribery, misconduct, money laundering, illicit enrichment, forgery of deeds and money laundering, and...

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