staying in the DR

Sep 20, 2003
i plan to be in the DR in may. is it possible to have US dollars western unioned to the DR?

how much cash should i bring with me? is it safe to carry the money through customs? (are the airport police likely to steal it?)

is it possible to rent an apartment in santo domingo and to have A/C?

is there anyway to have US dollars wired to me in the DR from the USA?


Aug 6, 2003

I am far from the expert here but I can tell you the money you need is based on what you want to do.
As far as Western Union it works just fine. On one trip about six months ago my magnetic strip died on my ATM Card and A simple phone call to my bank and I had cash in 15 minutes from Western Union.
Money through customs I have never had problems but the amount I always have is around $500 no more.


Jan 1, 2002
John, what did it cost you to get the money via Western Union. It has been my understanding that this is a very expensive way to transfer money.
Sep 20, 2003
i was planning on bringing 1000$ cash. i figured i could have money wired to me if i needed any extra. is the money sent via western union paid out in US dollars?

i plan to stay during the elections in the DR. i think they will be quite an event, historic,perhaps even pivotal, i want to see it for myself. i also plan to visit historic 'trujillo' sites and if possible find and purchase one of the bronze trujillo busts that were produced in the thousands when trujillo ruled. does anyone know what a trujillo bronze statue might cost? that will probably be my biggest expenses.

i plan to eat at average priced resturants, nothing too expensive. i don't drink or smoke, so i won't spend any money on that. i do plan to buy a box of dominican cigars for my friends, i plan to carry that home in my luggage.

i am looking at renting a studio apartment, hopefully near the colonial zone so i can walk to the museums and travel around the historic district on foot. is there a military museum in the DR?

how much money should i bring?

i have been reading the DR.1 site on DR customs. i have a few more questions. is wearing shorts a "tourist thing". is it inappropriate to wear shorts into a resturant? are t-shirts considered too informal? should i just bring some long sleeve dress shirts and long khaki pants? perhaps a tie and jacket?

i don't want to embarrass myself by under dressing or wearing the wrong things.


Jan 1, 2002
Some advice

1) You can bring just about as much money as you want, $10 or 20 thousand. but it might not be wise.
Bring your check book!

Go to a well regarded "Casa de Cambio" And establish yourself with your passport and banking information. and change your cash there, and tell them that you will be changing your check there, too. Do not cash too much at one time. Western Union charges an arm and a leg and changes your dollars and gives you their rate which is not negotiable...

3) Bring a bundle in Travellers Checks, keep them in a safe place.

4) No help on the bronze busts.

5) Come to Santiago for good cigars. You will save money, see some of the country and learn more.

6) Shorts are out. They mark you. Khakis, jeans, t-shirts, short sleeved collared shirts, Polo shirts, and why not a tie and light jacket, cause you never know...Heck, here, jeans a shirt and a blazer are considered pretty dressy..

7) How long are you going to be here? Most people rent by the year...But I am sure some of the denizens of the Zona Colonial can help you find a place...


bob saunders

Jan 1, 2002
Western Union

My wife sends her mother $US by Western union and she receives US dollars. When whomever is sending the money requests $US, they will give the receiver $US. We have done this twice in the last month, no problems. It is not cheap, but it is very reliable. There is a limit, but western unions website gives you all you need to know.


New member
Feb 3, 2004
The most money I have ever brought to DR was $10,000 US. I had no problems entering the Dominican Republic with my money. However US customs requires that you claim any money $10,000 or over when travelling. I don't know anyone who has done that, myself included but you are taking a chance if you don't.
As far as Western Union goes. They are expensive and if you have someone send you money tell them to make sure all the information is correct. I had my friend send me $3,000 US, they charged her like $265 dollars. But the lady at the counter gave us a hard time because my friend mis-spelled my husbands name. She put an "a" instead of an "e". Common sense should have told the woman we were the right people since I was at Western Union talking to my friend on her cell phone while she was sending the money. So at the exact moment the US Western Union told my friend we could get the money we went up to the counter and all the info about the person sending the money was correct on our form.
I have also read a lot about how to and how not to dress while in the DR. Personally I feel if you want to wear shorts then wear them. If you're on vacation you should be able to relax and kick up your heels. Of coarse just like in the states if you're going to a nice restuarant you should dress accordingly.