Still looking-cheap accomodaion in SDomingo!!!!!


Noelia Berman

Hi, thank you all for the info you have provided, but I?m still looking where to stay and can?t find anything at the price i need. I can spend an ammount of U$ 300.- maximum ammount for 28 nights stay, and need some privacy. If any of you knows something about this, please response. I woul really appreciate. Bye!!!


Looking...or want others to look for you?

Do yourself a favor by visiting your local library and checking out the guidebooks, or better yet, buy one. I've found that it's what most people do. I've purchased the 'Rought Guide' for the DR and know that it includes the types of listing you are looking for. Don't expect others to do the homework for you, as you have been's not our obligation. What's acceptable to me may not be so for you. Inexpensive places generally do not have e-mail or fax access so you'll need to call around. Some places within your price range have already been offered as suggestions, have you contacted them all? Enough said. Good luck with your visit!