Strength for the Journey Donation Center/Centro de Compartir

Aug 21, 2007
Did you know that Strength for the Journey has a donation center in Jamao? We accept any good quality, clean, unbroken or torn clothes, shoes, towels, sheets, children's toys, baby items, electronics, and furniture. The donation center functions as a trading post whereby the poor in the Jamao mountain communities can come with a no longer needed item and trade it for something else. Or, items are given a deeply discounted value and people can make a donation to Strength for the Journey in exchange for the item. For example, baby's clothes are worth 25 pesos. Other clothing items are around 100-- 200 pesos.

Sometimes, we have excess items which we take to the distant Jamao communities and give to the poor. Recently, we traveled to 3 local communities to give away clothing.

If you have any items you wish to donate to support this cause, feel free to message me. I will give you my contact information and we can arrange to meet to receive the donation. If it happens to be something large, Strength for the Journey has a truck we can use to pick it up. Or, you are always welcome to visit us in the center.

We are open Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, from 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

And THAT is Strength for the Journey!!!

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