Strengthening the ties between the DR and the United States; AmCham is holding Dominican Week 2020 online


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Feb 20, 2019

The American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic (AmChamDR) presents its 28th edition of Dominican Week from October 19 to 30. The Dominican Week this year will be held online. The discussions and talks focus on competitiveness and how to improve the investment climate. Learn more about the US plans for the country and the region.

The American Chamber of Commerce is stepping up efforts to position the Dominican Republic as a “nearshore” destination for US manufacturing. As part of promotional efforts for Dominican Week, the board of Am Cham met with Foreign Relations Minister Roberto Alvarez. This was also an opportunity to discuss the importance of positioning the country for integrating manufacturing to the value chains in the United States. Also discussed was the importance of developing the potential of the country as a regional logistics hub.

AmChamDR is promoting the privileged...

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