Studying Spanish in Santo Domingo

Casey 1956

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Jan 12, 2002
Hi, I want to go to Santo Domingo for two weeks in March.

Can anybody recomened a spanish language school with a

good reputation? I plan to take 3/4 hrs. of private lessons

per day. Also, I will be flying out of the Philadelphia area.

Never been to Santo Domingo what will be an average plane

fare for the month of march? Thanks.



Jan 1, 2002
If you are going to stay for just two weeks

You will probably need a private tutor.

Look in the archives for some of the schools that teach Spanish. See if they can arrange for a tutorial.
If Easter week is included in your stay, you can forget the lessons. Just go to the beach...



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Jan 12, 2002

I recently studied at Hispaniola in Santo Domingo. The owner's name is Luca and it was a great experience.

Their website is my teachers were great.

You'll probably want to fly out of New York, I'm sure it will be cheaper than philly. it'll probably cost around 350-500 us dollars.

you can contact exito travel, they specialize in latin travel.

hope this helps


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Jan 1, 2002
US Air is flying from Philly now so I suggest you check online to see if they have a web special going on at the moment. I just passed through Philly coming from Providence to Santo DOmingo and the plane was much better than American Airlines plus the service was better! The price was an online special for $317 plus the taxes. If they do not have a web special simply call them for a price. I think they have the lowest prices right now. With US Air your flight would be direct to Santo Domingo. I checked with American Airlines and the cheapest price was $649. At this time it is not possible to predict airline prices as the travel industry is not "business as usual". If you are only going for a week, I would not worry about the Spanish lessons. You will find someone to teach you as you go and translate for you. Anyplace you go you will find people speaking both Spanish and English.