Studying Veterinary Medicine at UASD


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Jun 30, 2005
I came to the DR because I finally figured out at 33 that without a College Education life just blows in the States . Anyways I was wondering if anyone had any opinion of the Veterinary Medicine program at the UASD ? I know its a Public University but its accreditation is good as long as I take the PAVE exam when I graduate .

I'm also having real problems with the locals and the amount of bureaucracy that I'm dealing with . No in the admission's department is helpful at all . Just getting all my documents together seems like the quest for the one Ring . I even had one employee tell me "Gringo Go HOME " . I didn't know if he was joking I didn't find it too humorous though .

Eventually I got sent to the department of education to validate my High School Diploma (which by was already validated by Tallahassee ) , then they send me away saying I have to go back to Miami to the Dominican Consulate there to get it validated .

Anyone able to help me out or point me in the right direction ?

Bruce McCarthy
(Believe it or not I was accually born in the DR to an American Father)