Sun Screen and Coral Reefs


Dec 11, 2003
Although there are hardly any coral reefs around the DR - there are still some - around Las Terrenas and the South - and a very few around Punta Cana....

And - there may not be very many "Tree Huggers" among those who are reading here... but for the Business Minded - it might be an opportunity to find the suitably "green" sunscreen for those tourists who are tree-huggers..

Note: Key West has banned the sale of some (most) types of sunscreen in order to protect their coral reef - which is the largest in the US & a major tourist attraction.

"Though sunscreen brands such as Banana Boat and Hawaiian Tropic sell some products without oxybenzone and octinoxate, there are still many containing those chemicals on drugstore shelves.

For years, oxybenzone and octinoxate have been used to protect people’s skin from UV radiation, but some research has shown that skin care products containing these chemicals can wash away from the skin while swimming or bathing and seep into the water, causing damage to coral reefs...."