Sunland Group - Corrupt or not corrupt?

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Jan 16, 2002
Good grief... in my opinion the perpetration of this Sunland Group to issue the Dominican government a 132M loan is the biggest scheme I've ever heard. This is without a doubt a classic, corrupt Dominican government loan. No transparency. No legitimate tender. And no information on this Miami based Sunland company, with not even a single hit by Google on the Internet. How established is that?

The Dominican government is contemplating taking out another loan from a company without bricks and mortar, empty shell company, that has no business record? For a 132 million dollar loan??

Moreover, for the few phone calls and little bit of paper shuffling that Daniel Mejia would purportedly do, he expects a fee of $42,000,000.00 ??? How filthy greedy is that?

But, you can bet that 80 or 90% of that 42 million would be filtered into the Off-shore bank accounts of corrupt Dominican government officials that would allow this scam loan to go through in the first place. That's how it works. It's amazing to think that Dominican government officials would not know that the average citizen knows what they're doing.

Daniel Mejia, who is probably the only employee of Sunland, has a right to be mad and take out advertisements in Dominican newspapers. I'd be upset too, if my scheme to easily skim millions of dollars from a disgraceful government loan was in risk of being uncovered.

This is why corruption will continue to permeate every fabric of Dominican society. When the common Dominican man and woman sees the horrendous corruption that is perpetrated by their elected government officials, then it justifies the act of curruption, no matter how it is interpreted by others, as an acceptable way of life.

I hope that the Dominican government does not follow through on this Sunland Group loan. The country needs to begin now with legitimate tenders, full transparency, full accountability, and rid itself as being known as one of the most corrupt countries on earth.


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Jul 4, 2008
Absolutely disgusting.
This is the reason most Dominicans in the diaspora support presidential candidates from non-traditional political parties. Roque Espaillat 2028
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Jan 23, 2021
This 'loan' should be approved by someone in the current administration or not? If it cannot be explained, then a rejection is easily done, right? Doesn't the press pick up on these kinds of corruption-like cases here?
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