Another Gringo in Pto.Pta.

Here is no super super and no El Batey, so what? *DC*

Canadian Bob

Check out which day there is a 2 for 1 sale at Silverio Messon for veggies, also try supermarket Tropical, Also try Geronimo, just up the street from Tropical, before you reach Codetel. Canadian Bob. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


You didn't follow the thread !

I was responding to Andreas who mentioned that Super Super was a good place to buy liquor, which it is, but he neglected to mention that it is in Sos?a, NOT Puerto Plata, as the original post (George) had requested info about. Just clearing up the directions for George....


Re: You didn't follow the thread !

Keith, I think you did not understand Another Gringo in Pto Pta. (common for us Canadians & Americans) due to his English being slightly different than yours. He simply means (Yeah but we don't have the good luck to have a Super Super or an El Batey in Puerto Plata so what alternatives do we have.)
HE IS following the thread.

I see these misunderstanding all the time on this board. I see persons getting exremely upset with one another when they are talking the same thing even. We must remember that different persons say something with different wording and order of words depending on which country they come from and where they learned their English.