support from DR


Aug 11, 2002
my daughter, a student at UNC chapel hill, is in south africa doing a veterinary internship. she has created a blog,, that details her experience so far, it has photos of rhino, zebra, etc. that she has taken. i'd much appreciate it if a few of my fellow DR1ers would check it out and say hello from this side of the pond, there is a place at the bottom of each page where you may post a comment and say hello. just mention that you are in the DR or she is going to think, WHO?. this blog is run by google and if you don't want to fill out the boxes on the comment page, all you have to do is click anonymous and skip that junk. there are no ads on the blog, nobody is trying to sell anything, you will not receive spam. i am only trying to send a little support to a young lady thousands of miles from home that is shooting tranquilizer darts into dangerous animals that i've only seen on TV. i know that the DR1 community is the best, thank you all.