Supreme Court dillydallies in pressing charges against deputies investigated for drug trafficking ties


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Feb 20, 2019

Listin Diario reports that six months after the arrest by the US judicial authorities of ruling party deputy Miguel Gutierrez Diaz, he continues to keep all his local privileges as a deputy in the National Congress. Gutierrez (PRM-Santiago) was arrested on 18 May 2021 when entering the United States via Miami. Miguel Gutierrez Diaz had been elected deputy in the 7 July 2020 general elections for the PRM for Santiago province with 21,177 votes. Previously, he was a construction businessman (construction) who turned politician in 2019.

After his arrest in May, his brother, Miguel Emilio Gutiérrez Díaz, was also arrested upon traveling to Miami from the Dominican Republic on a commercial flight.

Listin Diario reports that despite the serious charges, the Chamber of Deputies has not begun any process aimed at stripping the Santiago representative of his seat. Earlier...

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