Supreme Court rules power distribution companies need to reimburse customers for overbilling


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Feb 20, 2019

The First Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ) ruled that electricity distribution companies could incur in civil liability if they overcharge in their billings. The Supreme Court of Justice ruled that, according to General Electricity Law 125-01, the electricity distribution companies are responsible for the refund of the amount overcharged.

“According to Article 469 of General Electricity Law 125-01, in cases in which the bill is higher, due to causes attributable to the distributor, the company must compensate the client or user with a sumequivalent to 10 times the amount of the amounts overcharged when it incurs in excessive charges, without prejudice to the fines that the Superintendence of Electricity may set in accordance with the provisions of this law,” states a statement from the SCJ.

It details that “in the cases in which the electricity meter presents...

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