Test time at schools all around the DR


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Feb 20, 2019

Most of the nation’s public and private schools will be starting the annual examination period that ends with the national standardized tests in July. Why is this important for DR1 News readers? For the simple reason that once children finish their examples, they head home early, many on foot. In addition, many readers are parents of school-age children, so this affects their daily lives and schedules.

The second-semester exams begin on Monday, 12 June 2022 and the final exams will begin the last week of June. Elementary schools will be out by 30 June.

The dreaded Standardized National Tests begin on 16 July and end on 24 July for Adult Ed classes. For the 8th graders and high school seniors, the tests will be held on 12 July and end on 15 July. These tests cover language, social science and math. All students get second chances to pass the tests in September...

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